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~These workouts have been a GREAT tool at getting me through the blues this past few weeks and I'm seeing an increase in my strength and endurance

~The nutrition and workouts are going well and I'm looking forward to my measurements this coming Friday to see what I've done in a month.

~I was so supremely impressed with everything you're doing with RYP!

~I’m rather excited about the muscle re-development that I'm seeing! My arms and abs and legs are starting to show change and some fat burn as well.  

~Thanks for your support I really need it.

~My body is feeling a little stronger every day, a little sore, but not too sore to work out. I'm seeing tone already and it is definitely helping with the stress

~You are such a professional and all that you are doing is for my benefit. That is what I need!!

~The workout you provided for my grandson was perfect to get him ready for Track season! Watching his development has truly been amazing. Thank you for all you have done! We look forward to working with you for off-season training throughout his high school years!

~I could not do this without your help. Thank you so much!!

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