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RYP F.I.T Group:
This 3-week program is designed to jump start your body & is open to females of  ALL LEVELS. 
*Metabolism Boosting Circuit-Based Workouts
*High-Intensity Tabata-Based Cardio Training
*Clean-Eating Sample Meal Plan

June 10th - June 27th
Tues/ Thurs: 9:00am - 9:45am    OR    Mon/ Weds: 6:00pm - 6:45pm
Location: Town Creek Park
*Please bring personal yoga mat/ towel and water.

Registration is limited to 10 people per group
$50/ person
Confirmation Email will be sent once payment is received.

Semi-Private Personal Bootcamp:
Grab a small group of friends and get ready to have the time of your life! This personalized boot camp will take your workout to a whole new level and leave your body with a whole new look. This Boot Camp incorporates circuit training and cardio blasts to boost your metabolism and put a whole new spin on personal training. No equipment needed.
*Groups of 4-8 people *All fitness levels welcome!! 
*Contact Us to set up your schedule
$15/session per person

Personal Training:
We offer one-on-one in-home training or outdoor training (at a park that is convenient for you). 
All  one-hour sessions include dynamic warm-up, resistance training, cardio, and other training modalities based upon individual goals and abilities. Thirty-minute sessions are available, but are limited to high-intensity circuit based training only. Personal Training can be split with a friend or spouse of similar ability for no additional cost.

$45-$65/ hour session, depdent upon training location and client needs
$25/ half-hour session 

Program Design: 
This is the perfect option for an athlete (local or non-local) of any age who is looking for a detailed program of how to train for a marathon, complete a triathlon, run a faster 5K, or train for any specific sport. Our program design service is also great for non-local general training clients, as we will provide a custom program tailored to help you meet your needs and goals. Our coaches/trainers will provide a detailed program to help the client achieve their goals, but unlike traditional training, the client/athlete will complete all workouts by themselves. Depending upon the needs of the client/athlete, the program design will encompass strength/resistance training, aerobic and anaerobic training, plyometric/power training, speed training, agility drills, reaction time/quickness drills, balance, flexibility and recovery methods.  Please see our Program Design page for specific programs and pricing.

Performance Enhancement:
Our performance training is either one-on-one or small group training geared directly toward athletes. We utilize the knowledge gained from our education and our collegiate coaching experience to ensure each athlete is in peak condition for their respective sport. Our coaches will perform a needs assessment of the sport, including a biomechanical analysis of the sport along with an initial athlete assessment prior to beginning training. Performance training focuses on power training (including Olympic lifting), strength training, speed and agility training, reaction/quickness training, anaerobic training, and flexibility. This is a great option for pre-season training, as we offer 6 - 12 week packages. Please contact us to discuss your needs and for pricing. 

Does your team need help getting faster or stronger? Are you looking to improve your race time? Do you just want to look better and seemed to have hit a wall? Interested in starting an employee wellness program? Curious if you are utilizing proper mechanics in your sport (running, pitching, jumping, etc)? Want to learn how to start working out or eat healthy on a budget? Or maybe you are just interested in having us present to your group on the latest training ideas. This may be the option for you. Please contact us to let us know what you are seeking.
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